Organic Seed


We currently offer over 100 Organic Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers plus a number of fertilizers, pesticides, and garden inputs that can be used in organic growing.

Why Organic?

In the late 1960’s William Dam decided not to sell chemically treated seed due to a reaction he had to the chemical treatments. This was a radical change, since most seed was covered with a thiram/captan treatment. Fellow seedsmen viewed it as crazy, and initially it probably was! Over the years we have developed a loyal clientele of sustainable and organic gardeners. In the past five years we have been increasingly able to provide organically grown seed of quality that matches our company philosophy. We at William Dam Seeds believe in sustainable agriculture: improving the soil that gives us life. This encompasses using plant varieties that decrease pesticide use, using organic based fertilizers that balance soil life, and using products that have benefit to both the manufacturer and the user (fair trade).

Organic Seed Update:

It always has been our company motto to supply ‘seeds of highest quality’. This means that we look at viability and purity of our seed, and also that the selection is one of the best available. Seed of such species traditionally is imported as Canada does not have vegetable/flower/herb seed production in the quantity or quality required by our industry.

Our current challenges include getting enough seed to sell, and getting it of an acceptable quality. Getting good organic seed within a comparable price range will be the next hurdle.

We know that using inferior seed and varieties can not only put a farming operation into financial difficulty due to crop failures, but also can introduce and promote new disease pressures into the soil. As part of the organic process, it is also important that farmers support the better varieties so that their seed production continues. We are constantly trialing organic seed varieties; interested people are welcome to visit our trials.  We have not found any conclusive research showing that plants from organically grown seed are in any way better than those grown from standard grown seed; or that pesticide residues are carried over from those crops.

Our Organic Certification:

We are certified by CSI (Centre for Systems Integration) for the  Canadian Organic Regulations.

GMO Note:

None of the products that we sell are Genetically Modified Organisms. To our knowledge, there are no vegetable seeds available to us that have undergone this process. We are aware that some of the seed companies that we purchase from also have divisions that work in genetically modified plant breeding, but we have assurances that the breeding work in no way crosses over to the part of the company that we deal with. These companies produce some of the finest untreated vegetable varieties for home and market use and they have the technology to properly assess purity and germination.