Our Trial Gardens



Our gardens have grown over the decades from being family gardens and small test plots, to encompassing our buildings. We trial new vegetable, flower, grass, and herb seed varieties, as well as experiment with various farming aids and methods. Our soil is sandy loam, which is enhanced each year by compost and various fertilizers.
AAS Display Garden (since 1991)
Showcases the last 5 years of winners in flowers, vegetables and herbs from this North American organization.




FleuroSelect Display Garden (since 2011)
Featuring the past 5 years of flowerseed Gold Medal Winners from this European organization.
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers Trial (since 2000)
Assessing industry varieties in North America for their cutflower potential, data collected by University of North Carolina.
AAS Trial Gardens (since 2011)
We are vegetable and cool season flower judges for varieties hoping to be given a winning designation before they are released to the homegarden market.
In addition to the above mentioned trials, samples of new flower and vegetable varieties from breeders around the world are grown and planted to judge their merits against existing varieties. There are typically 1000 items in trial, in gardens totaling 5 acres. The gardens are important to us at William Dam Seeds because they are used as a research tool. We use them to select of new items for our annual catalogue, based largely on the garden performance of the variety. We harvest the vegetables and use them in our cooking. The cutflowers are arranged into bouquets to beautify our store and to judge their longevity. Container varieties are grown and displayed in pots. Specialty market growers and home gardeners also visit the trials each year to get a preview of the exciting new varieties that will be available in the coming year.
Hours for viewing from mid-July to October (or frost): Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm. Free admission. Tours available for groups of 10 or more- please phone or e-mail to arrange.