A staple vegetable for many cultures in the world; native to the Mediterranean Europe. Beets are primarily a source of carbohydrates with low levels of vitamins and minerals. CULTURE: Beets are easy to grow and can be sown outdoors from mid-spring to mid-summer. SOIL: Loose and deeply tilled, prefers mucky or sandy loam. PH 6-7, not higher. FERTILITY: Till in slow release fertilizer or organic matter prior to seeding. Use a fertilizer low in nitrogen, but high in potassium and phosphorous. Keep even moisture throughout growing season. GERMINATION: 7-15 days at 55-70 F/12-21C. SPACING: Seed 2cm/ 3/4” apart and 1cm/ 1/2” deep. Thin out to 7cm/3”. PESTS: Beets are relatively free from insects and disease.
TIP: Mid-season planting for harvest in late summer or early fall will result in a sweeter and more tender beet.
Pkt contains approx. 175-200 sds; 3Kg/Acre; 30-50 sds/gm.

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