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The globe artichoke is a thistle-like vegetable plant native to the Mediterranean region. Although the leaves and stems of artichokes are palatable, it is the bud that is valued. CULTURE: Artichokes are cool season plants. SOIL: Will grow in a variety of soils but prefers deep, fertile, well-drained soil. The plant is deep rooted and requires adequate growing room. FERTILITY: Enrich the soil with manure or compost before planting. Sidedressing with a balanced fertilizer at the time of bud set will be beneficial. GERMINATION: Sow indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost. Germinates in 14-21 days at 21-27C. Expect around 70% germination. Grow on at 15-20C. TRANSPLANT: Allow plants to have a cold treatment (8-10 days at 10C) before transplanting out to induce earlier bud formation. SPACING: Space seedlings 2-3 ft. apart in rows 3-4 ft. apart. HARVEST: Should start to produce buds in early September. Cut firm buds by cutting stem 1-2” below bud. Removal of old stems after harvest will promote more stems. Store cut buds at 32F/2C with high humidity. Approx. 25 sds/gm. Normal germination for artichokes is 60-70%.
31 Imperial Star  (Tavor) Hybrid Organic
Imperial Star is the most reliable annual artichoke for northern climates. Producing artichokes the first season from seeds is a major advantage for people growing in colder areas where artichokes will not normally survive the winter. Plants grow to 1m/3ft under ideal conditions, producing 5-7, 8-10cm/3-4” buds.



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