Lawn Seed

Lawn Seed
At William Dam Seeds, the grass varieties used in our mixtures produce higher quality, better colour, and longer lasting lawns due to increased vigour, and disease and bug resistance.  The cultivars in these mixtures meet and exceed government standards for purity and germination. We do not use any fillers or annual ryegrass in our mixtures so the seed you get is 100% good lawn grass seed.
Seeding Instructions: Apply seed in Spring or Autumn when soil temperature is around 15°C (60°F) . The best time for maximum germination is mid August to mid September when soil is warm, nights are cool, dews are heavy and weeds are not as vigorous.
New Seeding: Do not apply starter fertilizer. It can burn young seedlings. For small areas apply seed by hand. For larger areas use a fertilizer spreader, apply in two passes using half the rate of application per pass - one at right angles to the other in a crisscross pattern for complete coverage. Use a low spreader setting. You should see approximately 2-3 seeds in a square inch (approximately 2.5 x 2.5 cm). Use an empty lawn roller to press the seed in to the soil or rake lightly with a leaf rake. Grass seed needs soil contact to germinate and should be covered by no more than 7mm (¼”) of soil (If the seed is buried any deeper than this, it will have trouble emerging from the soil. Burying the seed is a common reason for poor lawn establishment.)
Over Seeding: Fill bare areas with a good topsoil/ triplemix blend. Spread a little seed in each area and lightly rake in.
Please note, due to the weight of the parcel, there is an extra shipping charge for the 22.5 Kg bag size. This charge will be added by our invoicing department and does not get added automatically by the website administration. If you would like a quote, please e-mail us at info@damseeds.com

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