Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

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Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

8227 Solitary Pollen Bee Nest
Help bring the bees back to the garden! A scientifically designed nest that incorporates a number of safety guards for the benefit of native bees. Native solitary bees do not produce honey, they do not have a queen, nor do they live in a hive. This means they do not have anything to protect, and they will retreat rather than attack. Solitary bees are also vastly better pollinators than the non-native honey bees; however they too are experiencing declining numbers. Installing a solitary pollen bee nest is an easy way to do your part; it will provide native cavity nesting bees with a safe environment in which to lay their eggs. The bees that lay their eggs in the nest only live for 6 weeks, and the new generation will emerge after 12 months. One nest has the potential to yield 100 new bees! The nest is 5” long with a pattern of broken colour on the exterior which draws the bee’s attention. 20 cardboard nesting tubes are kept in place, and dry, by styrene covers. The covers ensure that rodents and birds cannot attack the eggs, larvae or bees within. Volcanic rock is used as an insulator between the tubes to protect against heat, or cold, and to keep moisture away. The nest is easy to install and comes completely assembled. An annual cleaning of the tubes is recommended once all the bees have emerged. The nest can be left in the garden all year. Made in Canada.

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