Borage & Phacelia Blend

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Borage & Phacelia Blend
6963 Borage & Phacelia Blend
As recommended by our suppliers in Europe, this annual blend of blue flowers grow quickly into large plants from direct seeding. They can also be tilled in at the end of the season to add organic matter to soil.These two plants also bloom in cool temperatures, which gives food to bees after other flowers have finished blooming. Planting rates: 100g covers about 1600 sq.ft./148 sq. meters. 450g seeds about 7200 sq. ft./675 sq. meters. Seeding rate per Acre is approx. 2-1/2 kg/6lbs. For best coverage when direct seeding, mix with a filler, such as sand or sawdust, at a ratio of 4-10 parts to one part seed. Additional planting instructions available upon request.
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