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Micro Greens
Micro-greens are becoming increasingly popular with specialty markets and chefs. While they pack great tastes from spicy to sweet, micro-greens are very healthy. They contain concentrated levels of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Micro-greens can be cultivated year round indoors and are generally easy to grow. We are able to grow most items on this page in 10-20 days under normal fluorescent lights.

CULTURE: Sow in a quality seeding medium using shallow trays. We use 1 1/5" of soilless medium. Broadcast seed thickly ¼" apart and then cover lightly the depth of the seed. Vermiculite works best, but any seeding medium will work. Keep soil at or above room temperature during germination – cooling down to 60-65F/15-18C once the seedlings immerge. We supplement light for a 10 hr day, turning lights off at night. This allows the seedlings to stretch.

HARVEST: We usually start cutting the micro- greens when the first true leaves develop. With Radishes we tend to harvest before the first true leaves for best colour. Cut with a very sharp knife or scissors to reduce stem tearing which can result in browning and decreased shelf life. Cut greens can last 5-10 days when refrigerated. Wash before eating.

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