Organic Lawn and Landscape 8-2-4

Organic Lawn and Landscape 8-2-4
Organic Lawn and Landscape 8-2-4
Slow release nitrogen derived from compost and feather meal. Recommended for use on lawns and all plant varieties for leafy, green growth. OMRI listed, and registered for use in organic agriculture by WSDA.

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Application Rates:
Rates for specific plants are available at www.sustane.com
Lawns & Turfgrass Maintenance: Broadcast 10lbs of Sustane for every 1000 ft2 of turfgrass (6.2kg per 100m2). Apply 2 to 4 times per year in early spring, late spring, and autumn.
Turfgrass Establishment (Seed & Sod):  Broadcast 12.5lbs of Sustane for every 1000 ft2 prior to planting (7.75kg per 100m2). Incorporate into the top 5cm/2" of soil.  Re-apply in 30-60 days.
New garden Bed Preparation: 1/2 cup of Sustane for every 10ft2 of bed space or 1.5lbs/100ft2 (63gm per m2). Incorporate into the top 10cm/4" of soil.
Vegetable Row Crops: Apply 1/2 cup of Sustane for every 10ft of row space (23 grams per m).
Tomatoes - 1 cup per sq. ft, 2.75 lbs per 100 sq.ft.
Lettuce - 3/4 cup per sq.ft., 2.5 lbs per 100 sq.ft.
Cucumbers - 1/2 cup per sq.ft., 1.25lbs per 100 sq.ft.
Peppers - 1/16th cup per sq.ft., 0.75lbs per 100 sq.ft
Conversion: 1/4 cup = 34 grams, 1/2 cup = 68 grams, 1 cup = 136 grams, 1 lb = 3 1/3 cups or 454 grams. 1kg = 7 1/3 cups.
Transplants and Established Plants: Apply 1/4 cup (34grams per plant) of Sustane into the hole prior to planting transplants or around the base of established plants.
Soil Mixes & Potted Plants: Incorporate Sustane into the potting mix at a rate of 1 cup per cubic foot of mix (12 grams/cubic litre).
Trees and Shrubs: Apply 1/4 cup of Sustane for plants with a 2ft canopy. Increase rates by 1/4 cup for every additional 6" of canopy spread (112 grams for 1 meter canopy). Apply at planting for establishment of in spring and fall for established trees and shrubs.
Turfgrass Coverage: 20lbs covers 2,000ft2 at 0.8lbs of nitrogen per 1000 ft2.
For best results, apply water after application. Application rates vary based on soil conditions, plant species, and desired rate of growth. It is recommended to have soil tested prior to applying any fertilizers.
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