Originating in the Mediterranean area as a edible herb. Arugula is quickly becoming a popular salad staple in European cuisine. Once a minor green it now deserves its own place in our listing. It is a sippy leafy green rich in vitamin C and potassium. Arugula is broken down into two categories – Salad Rocket: Typical in North American markets. Wild Rocket: The main stay in European markets.
CULTURE: Arugula is easy to grow. Sow outdoors from early spring until late summer. It can be grown in a cold frame or greenhouse during late fall and winter. Seed every 2-3 weeks to insure a steady supply – can re-grow after cutting depending on time of year. SOIL: tolerates most soils, but prefers well drained loam with a PH of 6.0-7.0. FERTILITY: constant moisture will reduce bolting. Arugula does require adequate nitrogen for proper growth. GERMINATION: Salad rocket will germinate in 3-5 days at 60F/10C, Wild rocket germinates in 7-9 days. SPACING: 20-40 seeds per ft / 1/8” deep in rows 12-14 apart. PESTS: Flea beetles are the main pest and can be controlled by floating row covers. Pkt contains 300-500sds ; Seeds per gram – Salad Rocket: 450-600 sds/gm; Wild Rocket: 1500-2500 sds/gm.

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