Wildflower Mixes

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Wildflower Mixes
Easy to grow perennials or annuals that re-seed. These plants have a less cultivated look and can grow in mass plantings and meadows. They are chosen for their ability to attract insects, birds, and butterflies.  Prepare an area by raking it until the seed bed is loose and fine. Deep cultivation is not necessary because it causes poor seed contact and brings up more weed seeds. Broadcast the seed and rake lightly to cover the seed. Proper seed/soil contact is most important. These varieties contain only seed. For better coverage when direct seeding, mix with a filler of sand, sawdust, or sheep fescue at a ratio of 2 parts to one part seed. Planting rates for these mixtures: 100g covers about 1600 sq.ft./148 sq. meters. 450g seeds about 7200 sq. ft./675 sq. meters. Seeding rate per acre is approx. 2-1/2 kg/6lbs. Please ask for price quotations for larger quantities. Pkt contains approx. 2 grams.

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