Plant XL

Plant XL
Plant XL™ is a liquid mixture of living soil bacteria, trace elements, humic acid and fulvic acid. Most of the families of bacteria belong to the compost type families and have been found to be a good match against many pathogenic organisms. Plant XL™ works by creating a competitive environment around the root zone (rhyzosphere). The bacteria in Plant XL™ deprive pathogenic organisms of food and keep a balance in the root system.
Benefits include: properties that act as a natural chelating agent, transporting nutrients into the plant, stronger cell membranes and trap moisture better than plants grown without humic assistance, give plant protection from drought like conditions or if errors have been made during irrigation, roots that are exposed to humic substances grow better root hairs which are essential for optimal nutrient uptake. Plant XL™ can be used on a wide range of plants both in a greenhouse and field. It is a completely natural product and is accepted by many certification agencies. Dose : 1 Litre per Acre / 200 litres water
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