Probably the most common vegetable in the garden. Beans are a tender, warm season plant. When eaten fresh, canned, or frozen, beans are an excellent source of vitamins A & C and dietary fibre. CULTURE: Warm temperatures are necessary for beans to germinate and set flowers. Soil: Beans prefer loam soil with moderate amounts of organic matter. FERTILITY: Do not fertilize beans or add manure the year of sowing. Excessive fertilizing will make for large plants with little pod set. GERMINATION: 7-10 days at 18-26C. Sow in warm, well-drained soil. Sowing below recommended temperature will result in poor germination. Do not soak your seeds before planting. SPACING: Sow seeds 2cm/3/4" deep 5-10cm/2-4" apart.
TIP: To prevent the spread of fungus, rusts, and virus, avoid cultivating or walking through bean plants when plants are wet or in the early morning.
Sowing rate: Pkt sows approx. 7m/20ft; 125g sows 16m/50ft; 450g sows 70m/210ft; 25Kg/acre
Note: Our seed is not treated. Due to unpredictability of soil temperatures and moisture, we cannot be held liable for germination failure when soil is too cool or wet. For early crops, we suggest seeding only part and covering with a row cover.

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