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Nature does not produce anything sweeter than a ripe exotic melon. One of our favourite items to grow, we have tested various melon varieties over the years. We have had great success producing quality melons here in Canada due to good varieties and the use of IRT mulch. CULTURE: In Canada, watermelons are best started indoors 3-4 weeks before last frost. Start 3-4 seeds in a 3-4" pot. Transplant to the recommended plant spacing, do not break clumps apart. SOIL: Watermelons like well drained, sandy-silty loam, high in organic matter pH 6.0- 6.8 FERTILITY: Enrich with compost or well rotted manure in spring. Watermelons are heavy users of nitrogen, potassium and calcium. GERMINATION: For proper germination soil must be at least 72F/22C for 5 days. Cooler soil temperature will result in poor germination. SPACING: Plant in clumps 3-4 seeds per clump, 24" apart in rows 4-7ft apart. Close planting will result in smaller fruit size. PESTS: See Cucumber section. Pkt contains approx. O.P. 30-50sds; Hybrids 7-20sds; 15-25sds/gm unless noted otherwise.

TIP: We have had great success using IRT plastic mulch which warms up the soil, retains moisture and reduces weed competition. See Hardgoods section of the catalogue.

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