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Rutabaga originates in Sweden and is thought to be a cross between a turnip and a cabbage. It is an old main stay storage vegetable. It is mostly grown commercially in Canada due to our moderate summer climate. Rutabaga has the highest calcium content of all the root crops. CULTURE: Sow outdoors in mid-June. Sow into a well tilled seed bed. Rutabaga is a full season crop, unlike the turnip. Erratic growth will cause a woody, fibrous texture. SOIL: Most good garden soil will do. FERTILITY: Apply moderate amounts of nitrogen and higher amounts of phosphorus and potash. Apply manure the previous fall, spring applications can cause mis-formed roots. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at 65F/18C. Prefers moderately warm soil to germinate. SPACING: Sow seeds 1cm/1/2" apart and 6mm/1/4" deep in rows 16" apart. Keep moist until growth is seen. Thin out to 15-20cm/6-8". 250-450 sds/gm

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