Quick growing. Tasty roots add zest to a salad. Popular for children to grow. CULTURE: Most varieties do best when planted in the spring or late summer. Winter varieties need to be planted after late June to avoid bolting. Sow direct as soon as the soil can be worked until June 1st and after August 15. SOIL: Most good garden soil will do. FERTILITY: Apply moderate amounts of nitrogen and higher amounts of phosphorus and potash. Apply manure the previous fall as spring applications can cause mis-formed roots. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at 50-65F/10-18C. Prefers cool soil to germinate. SPACING: Sow seeds 1cm/1/2" apart and 6mm/1/4" deep in rows 16-32" apart. Thin to 3cm/1 1/2" apart. Pkt sows approx. 25ft; 25g sows approx. 100ft; 75-85 sds/gm.

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