The edible garden pea dates back to the 16th century originating in England. Most of the varieties that we see today were developed in the last century. Fresh peas contain moderate levels of Vitamin A and C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The garden pea is primarily a hardy cool season annual that produces its flowers as the days lengthen. Peas are a relatively easy crop to grow with few diseases or bug problems. CULTURE: Sow peas when soil is cool, not cold. SOIL: Prefers well drained loams with good amounts of organic matter; delay planting on heavy soils. Grow early varieties on sandy soils due to the fact they heat up quicker. PH 6-7 FERTILITY: Peas respond well to moderate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Excessive nitrogen will cause plants to become viny and will reduce yields. GERMINATION: Optimum Temp. 60F/10C. Peas should emerge in 5-7 days. SPACING: sow peas 1" deep, 2" between seeds in rows 30" apart. Often they are seeded in double rows 8-10 inches apart, 32" between double rows. PESTS: Relatively free, most problems come with hot weather. Disease abbreviations: W - Fusarium Wilt; PM - Powdery Mildew; LRV - Leaf Roll Virus; YM - Yellow Bean Mosaic; EMV - Enation Mosaic Virus; PY - Pythium Root Rot. Pkt sows approx. 20ft; 125g sows 50ft; 450g sows 200ft; 30kg/acre; 3000-4500 sds/kg.

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