Popular English vegetable since the middle ages, but originating in the Mediterranean during the Roman period. Parsnips are cooked like carrots and have a sweet pleasant taste. CULTURE: See Carrots. Parsnip requires a long growing season. Cover and keep moist. Parsnips are slow germinators.

3154 Albion Hybrid
Very uniform hybrid parsnip. Albion is an improved variety producing over 5 times more marketable fruit than common o.p. varieties in our trials plus it has noticeably whiter skin than other varieties. Nicely tapered,12-14” long, white roots are slow to discolour. Refined shape. Resistance to canker. High vigour, sized seed. 115 days

TIP: Quality is enhanced by cooler growing temperatures in late summer. Best root quality is obtained after a few nights of frosts.
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