Lettuce is generally a cool season plant, but with new types you can successfully grow lettuce in the heat of the summer. One of the easiest greens or vegetables to grow. By using different types of lettuce, you can have fresh salads year round. CULTURE: Lettuce can be started indoors for early spring lettuce or for better germination in the heat of the summer. Start outdoors in the spring and fall. Indoors: Sow into final containers (we use Cell-Paks) 4-5 weeks before planting outdoors. SOIL: Lettuce will grow well in most any soil. For early crops use light soil. pH 6.5-7.0. FERTILITY: Lettuce requires moderate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and higher amounts of potash. Adequate moisture is important especially in the last 4 weeks before harvest. GERMINATION: 7 days at 65-70F/18- 21C Light. Higher temperatures inhibit germination in some varieties. Sow 6-12mm/1/4-1/2" deep. Keep moist and cool (shaded) until growth is seen. SPACING: Thin or transplant out to 20cm/8" spacing. 650-750 sds/gm.
MI = Mosaic Indexed Seed: our supplier has performed a grow-out test to be sure that the Mosaic disease is not present. This is of special importance to commercial and greenhouse growers.

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