A valuable garden vegetable that originated in the Mediterranean and has been used since Roman times. Leek has a mild, sweet onion taste and is used raw in salads or cooked in soups and stews. CULTURE: For extra early leeks start indoors Feb-April sowing directly into final containers. Summer varieties can be started outdoors in early spring. SOIL: prefers sandy loam soil rich in organic matter. pH 6 -7. FERTILITY: adequate moisture is needed for optimum quality. Generally leek requires added nitrogen. GERMINATION: 10 days at 50-70F/10-21C. Clip part of the top off to keep from getting floppy. SPACING: Thin or transplant to 15cm/6" in rows 18-32" apart. DISEASES: Control Downy Mildew with Serenade Gardens (see insecticides section of website). 300-350 sds/gm.
TIP: To get longer and larger leeks, hill up or plant in a 15cm/6" deep furrow and fill it in as the leek grows.

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