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For many years Cucumbers have been a main item to many home gardens. The cucumber is native to India and western Asia where it has been cultivated for over 3000 years. In the early 9th century it was introduced to Europe. Cucumbers are high in purified water, contains numerous minerals particularly magnesium and phosphorus, and Vitamin A&C. Today, many types of cucumbers are available each having its distinct growing form and ethnic use. CULTURE: Cucumbers are warm season plants, temperatures under 55F/10C can severely affect plants. Can be started indoors or outdoors. SOIL: Cucumbers prefer well drained, light textured soils, but will grow on almost every type of soil. FERTILITY: Apply a slow release, well rounded fertilizer before planting. Cucumbers require even moisture especially when fruits are forming. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at least 72-80 F/22-27C. If soil is cool, cucumber seeds will not germinate. SPACING: Sow seeds 3-6cm/1-2” apart and 1cm/ 1/2” deep in rows 4-6 feet apart. Thin out to 20cm/8” or plant 3-4 seeds in hills 24” apart. PESTS: The main pests are the striped cucumber beetle (which attacks young plants and spreads Mosaic), and the squash vine borer (controls moths). Control with Rotenone, Ambush, Diatomaceaous Earth, or row covers. Many diseases can attack cucumbers. The best controls are using resistant cultivars and crop rotation.
TIP: We prefer starting cucumbers indoors in 4” pots (3-4 seeds/pot) for even germinating temperatures. When transplanting, plant as a clump - do not break apart.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 40-125 sds; Hybrids 6-35 sds; 30-40 sds/gm.

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