Sweet corn has become more popular over the last 15 years due to improved varieties that mature earlier and stay sweet longer. Most varieties are hybrids because of the intense breeding done on sweet corn. CULTURE: Sow outdoors in late spring when soil is warm, usually 2-4 weeks after field corn is planted. Cool weather and excessive moisture will cause poor seed emergence. SOIL: Corn can be grown in a wide range of soil types. Opt. pH 6.0 to 6.8 FERTILITY: Corn thrives on liberal amounts of Nitrogen. Apply part before planting and again when corn is about 2ft high. For proper ear placement and fill out, corn requires adequate moisture. GERMINATION: 5-7 days at 70 F/21C. Cool soil will decrease germination. SPACING: Sow 6-10cm/2-4” (6-8” machine seeding) apart and 1cm/1/2” deep in rows 75cm/30” apart. Thin out to 20cm/8”. PESTS: Main pests are ear worms & corn maggots. Control earworms with BTK applied to husks at time of pollination and 1 week after. Corn maggots can be controlled by seed treatment. Untreated sweet corn seed is more susceptible to temperature change and insect damage. In our area, rusts are the main disease problem in late summer. Use tolerant varieties if growing in late summer.
TIP: For proper pollination plant the same variety in blocks of 4 rows or more.
Pkt contains 30g (unless otherwise indicated) and sows approx. 50ft; 125g sows 120ft; 450g sows 450ft; 5 kg/acre; 4000-5000 sds/kg
Note: Our seed is not treated. Due to unpredictability of soil temperatures and moisture, we cannot be held liable for germination failure when soil is too cool or wet. For early crops we suggest seeding only part and covering with a row cover.

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