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Chicory - Witloof - Radicchio
Prized for its bitter taste, Chicory is a popular salad ingredient. Radicchio, Chicory, Witloof, or Belgian Endive is a European delicacy. CULTURE: Traditionally chicory was direct seeded outdoors and then thinned out. If transplanted they would produce 30-40% misformed heads. Newer hybrid varieties can be transplanted with little problems. SOIL: Rich, sandy loam with good drainage. FERTILITY: Adequate fertility and uniform amounts of water is essential for quality heads. GERMINATION: 7-12 days at 70F/21C. Keep moist until growth is seen. SPACING: when seeding outdoors sow like lettuce. Thin or transplant to 15cm/6” for chicory and 30cm/12” for Radicchio. HARVEST: Pick when heads are tight, peel away outer leaves to expose red and white heads. Witloof forcing culture CULTURE: Direct sow into warm soil in May-June. Do not allow night temperatures to dip below 5C, as cold nights can cause bolting. Thin out to 15cm/6”. After first hard frost cut leaves to 1” of base. Roots should be removed to outdoor or indoor forcing pit. Cover with 6” sand or soil, with roots upright. Keep dark. Forcing time depends on temperature and variety used. Ready when tips show through the soil. The green dandelion leaves are an excellent addition to salads. Pkt contains approx. O.P. 500-1000 sds; Hybrids 200-300 sds;400-600 sds/gm.

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