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Celeriac originated in European and Mediterranean marshes where it was first used as a flavouring for foods. It is now a main salad crop grown worldwide. Leaf types are widely used in European and Asian cultures for flavouring in soups and salads. CULTURE: Start indoors in March, 10-12 weeks before last frost. Transplant into large paks to keep plants from becoming root bound. Do not set out or allow temperature to dip below 50F/10C as this will cause the plant to bolt. SOIL: Celery needs a loamy or mucky soil with high amounts of organic matter. FERTILITY: Apply liberal amounts of nitrogen. Keep moisture constant to reduce chances of bitterness. GERMINATION: 10-21 days at 85F daytime, 65F/18C at night. Cover seed lightly and keep moist until growth is seen. Alternating warm days and cool nights will increase germination. SPACING: Plant in blocks 6-8” apart, 12” width. This will make watering easier. PESTS: Tarnished Plant Bug - stings celery and stunts it. Control by covering plants with a row cover or insect netting.
TIP: Celeriac is a demanding plant. To keep it from going bitter, keep soil rich and moist.
Pkt contains approx. 750-1200 sds; Organic types 65-100 sds; 1000-2000 sds/gm.

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