An indispensable vegetable in the garden. Carrots are easy to grow and provide vegetables from late spring to early winter. Use raw, cooked or juiced. Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene and Vitamin A. CULTURE: Can be sown from early spring to mid summer. Seed directly into deeply worked soil for optimum root growth. SOIL: Deeply tilled fertile sandy loam with good organic matter content. PH 6-7 FERTILITY: Do not apply manure in the year of sowing, as it causes carrots to become hairy. Carrots like moderate amounts of nitrogen and higher amounts of phosphate. Keep even soil moisture for high grade carrots. We have found that carrots prefer overhead watering, lightly misting their foliage, instead of drip irrigation. Adequate moisture is essential for good root formation, texture, and flavour GERMINATION: 6-15 days at 60 F/16 C. Keep soil moist until growth is seen SPACING: Seed depth 1cm/ 1/4-1/2”.Seed spacing: 1cm/1/2”. Thin out to 3-5cm/1 1/2-2” for proper root development. Closer spacing will result in smaller, shorter carrots. PESTS: Carrot Rust Fly-control: plant carrots early to mid summer to miss its cycle; Wireworm control: use a 3 year rotation and do not use soil that had grass on it the year before; Carrot Caterpillar control: spray with Ambush or BTK. HARVEST: Baby carrot types - harvest when carrot is about finger size 2cm/3/4” wide. Fresh eating types -dig as mature. Storage types - Dig up carrots after the first hard frost before the ground freezes. Place in a cool, dark location or a fridge to keep fresh until late winter. In areas where snow fall is heavy, carrots can be covered with straw and dug up throughout the winter.
TIP: Cover with a wooden plank for 7 days after seeding to retain moisture and improve germination.
Pkt sows 25-35ft and contains O.P. 600-1500 seeds; Hybrids 400-500 seeds; 25g sows 100m/300ft; 1-1.5kg/acre; contains approx. 400-500 sds/gm

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