Popular fall and winter vegetable native to the Mediterranian region, but is a staple vegetable in most countries. Good source of Vitamin C, glutamine and amino acids CULTURE: Sow early varieties in succession from early spring (indoors) to mid-summer for continual harvest of fresh cabbage. For fall produce sow outdoors in early summer. SOIL: Cabbage will tolerate a broad range of soil, but prefers sandy loam. PH 6.5-7. FERTILITY: Ensure adequate levels of nitrogen. Keep a regular watering schedule so plants do not wilt in heat. GERMINATION: Sow in plugs at 70F/21C for 7 days or direct seed outdoors in warm soil. SPACING: Transplant or thin seedlings out to 30-45cm/ 12-18” for small head varieties; 45-75cm/18-30” for large head varieties. PESTS: Flea beetles attack young seedlings and strip the leaves - control with placing row cover or insect netting over young plants. Cabbage worms attack as plants get older and invade buds - control with BTK. Pkt contains approx. O.P. 225-600 sds; Hybrid 30-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm.

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