Brussels Sprouts

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Brussels Sprouts
Originating from Belgium in the 1200s, Brussels Sprouts are a European delicacy. When cooked right they will melt in your mouth. They contain good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, sinigrin, and dietary fibre. CULTURE: Grown mainly for fall and winter crops. Will over winter in mild areas. For early crops start indoors 4-6 weeks before planting out. For late crops, seed in June. SOIL: Sprouts like a deep moist loam. PH 6.5-7 FERTILITY: Ensure adequate levels of nitrogen. Keep a regular watering schedule so plants do not wilt in heat. GERMINATION: Sow in plugs at 70F/21C for 7 days, or outdoors in warm soil. SPACING: Transplant or thin seedlings out to 40-45cm/16-18” PESTS: See cabbage section.
TIP: Harvest in fall after first frost for maximum flavour. To ensure uniform maturity nip off growth point in late summer when first sprouts are forming.
Pkt contains approx. O.P. 225-550 sds; Hybrid 25-75 sds; 200-300 sds/gm.

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