Untreated Seed... of Highest Quality for 68 Years.

William Dam Seeds is pleased to be the first registered seed company in Canada to feature a line of certified organically grown seeds. This line was introduced in 2000 with caution, since the quality of seed was not proven. As the seed breeders and growers are developing commercially acceptable seed we continue to increase our selection.

Our guiding principles have been those of quality and research. We are curious gardeners, supporting our suppliers in their efforts to bring gardeners novel and nutritious items, and better strains for challenging conditions. We continue to marvel at the colours and patterns that form in our gardens. Glory be to God for His wonderful creation, and for the possibility to work closely with it.

We at William Dam Seeds believe in sustainable agriculture: improving the soil that gives us life. This encompasses using plant varieties that decrease pesticide use, using organic based fertilizers that balance soil life, and using products that have benefit to both the manufacturer and the user (fair trade).


Jan 14th

Our website has been updated. Hope you enjoy the new look! As with all technology updates, there are some bugs/glitches that are being worked out. Please bear with us as these are ironed out to pave way to what we hope is an user friendly site. Making the site mobile-friendly is also a work in progress. 

We are beginning the process of stocking our store with the 2019 products. For those who like to pick up the products in store, we expect to have it fully stocked by the beginning of February.

Just a note for website order placing: we have had reports of Firefox and Safari browsers causing glitches with the use of the site. We have found Google Chrome or Internet Explorer updated to Windows 7 works well. Also, it is recommended to login prior to selecting items. This way if your screen times out, your shopping cart will automatically be saved for you. Ensure your internet security allows for cookies to be saved.

Best Regards,
The Staff at William Dam Seeds!