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For years we have tested for varieties that perform well under many different circumstances. We look for varieties that look, taste, and yield well. Many of our picks also exhibit improved disease tolerance. In an age of decreased usage of synthetic pesticides, it is very important to research for these qualities. Many of our varieties come from breeders whose interests are in breeding varieties with exceptional qualities, not just improved yields. M = 1000; Sds = Seeds; Gm = Grams; Pel = Pellets

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Artichoke Arugula Asparagus Beans
Beets Broccoli and Rapini Brussels Sprouts Cabbage
Carrots Cauliflower Celeriac Celery
Chicory - Witloof - Radicchio Collards - Leaf Cabbage Corn Corn Salad - Maches
Cucumber Eggplant Endive Fennel
Gourds Greens Ground Cherry/Husk Cherry Kale
Kohlrabi Leek Lettuce Melons
Micro Greens Okra Onions Pak Choy
Parsnip Peas Peppers Pumpkins
Purslane Radicchio Radish Rutabaga
Salsify Spinach Squash - Summer Squash - Winter
Strawberry Sunflower Swiss Chard Tomatillo
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