April 12 2016

After a very busy winter season, spring is around the corner. In southern Ontario we have had colder and wetter weather than most of the west half of the country. The end to the cold is in sight. Currently we are shipping orders with in 5 business days - if you need quicker delivery please ask and we can expedite your order.

I the next couple weeks we will be shipping our onion backorders followed by rootstock.  Due to the unusually cold and wet weather our root growers are well delayed in digging.

Best Regards,

The Staff at William Dam Seeds


Currency Update:


Due to the unprecedented drop in the Canadian Dollar we regretfully have to adjust our discounts and pricing.  As of January 15 we will not be able to offer volume price discounts or special offers. This equates to 3 to 5 %.  On some high priced items there may be an additional 5-7% price increase.  We will let you know this change on a per item bases.

Kale Seed Update


Kale again is a hot item and there is again this year some shortages.

#96 Darkibor - we have lots of seed - we find this is the best dark green variety

#97 Winterbor - very short - we can only supply packets

#102 Redbor - short supply - we can only supply packets and 250 seed sizes

#95 Westland - good seed supply - the original Dutch curly Kale



William A Dam

William Dam Seeds

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