January 15 2016

A new seed year has started! Currently we are finishing up packaging and should start shipping by the end of the week.  Most items are in stock or being received in the next couple of weeks. Currently there is a 3-4 week backlog - if you require items quicker please let us know.

Best Regards,

The Staff at William Dam Seeds


Currency Update:


Due to the unprecedented drop in the Canadian Dollar we regretfully have to adjust our discounts and pricing.  As of January 15 we will not be able to offer volume price discounts or special offers. This equates to 3 to 5 %.  On some high priced items there may be an additional 5-7% price increase.  We will let you know this change on a per item bases.

When we set the catalogue pricing the Canadian Dollar was being traded for 1.28 for 1 USD.  Today it is 1.45.  Almost all wholesale vegetable, herb and flower seed is bought and traded in the USD.  Contracted seed is paid on receiving which means we are paying at today's currency rate.


Kale Seed Update


Kale again is a hot item and there is again this year some shortages.

#96 Darkibor - we have lots of seed - we find this is the best dark green variety

#97 Winterbor - very short - we can only supply packets

#102 Redbor - short supply - we can only supply packets and 250 seed sizes

#95 Westland - good seed supply - the original Dutch curly Kale



William A Dam

William Dam Seeds

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